The GOAL of this course is to help you close more effectively by fully embracing your duty as a professional.

When you use the sales success foundation outlined in the course you will also have a framework that can be applied to any sales situation.

Here's What You'll Learn

  • What it means to be a Professional Persuader

  • Rapport & Empathy

  • Urgency & Expectations

  • Selling Like A Doctor

  • Professional Sales Malpractice

  • And Many More!

Let's Get You To Quota Breaker Status!

You deserve to create the sales career that you want, with the income to show for it.

Why should you Persuade like a Professional?

John had been in sales for a while but constantly struggled with hitting his goals. Others around him were doing well which meant he was the one missing something. When he started out it seemed like he was on track for sales greatness but that has since faded. He then got to a crossroads: find the missing pieces for sales success or quit and go into a different line of work.
Kim started her own coaching business a year ago. She had gone through training and received several certifications. Yet one part they never taught her was how to sell. She had gained some clients but each time she dreaded the conversations with prospects where she needed to convince them to hire her. Kim wished the selling part would be easier so she could just focus on what she loved most – coaching.

Bill was really good at speaking with prospects, enjoyed getting to know them and their challenges. Most of the time they were qualified to buy from him, but he struggled with hitting his sales numbers. Recently he heard a term that seemed to fit his sales “style” – Order Taker. He didn’t like the thought of having to push, trick or manipulate people so he typically waited for people to ask about buying.


Now let me share about Stacey. She was a selling machine, consistently crushing her quota and earned a nice income. She used to struggle, in similar ways that John, Kim, and Bill do. She had felt like the goal of selling was to manipulate, but then she found the key to success by modeling her sales process around how other true service professionals conduct themselves. Then she created a system for moving her prospects forward in the conversation, using persuasion to help the right people buy from her.

P.S: This training program is not filled with slick closing lines and strategies (yes there are a few in here) or ways to trick your prospect into buying. If that is what you are looking for in a sales training course, this one is not for you.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You are looking to create consistent sales results (not high-highs and deep slumps)

  • You want to help people buy you or your company’s product or service but don’t want to feel like you’re pushing them into it

  • You were not provided with a selling framework or system to use

  • You want to embrace your sales role, do it well, enjoy what you do for a living, and get rewarded for it

Start Your Professional Persuasion Journey Now

When you use these sales success fundamentals, you can go from Order Taker to Quota Breaker!

Meet Your Coach

Founder Of Cutter Consulting Group

Jason Cutter

I, Jason Cutter, am the Cutter Consulting Group because of the recurring issues that affect business-to-consumer (B2C) inside sales teams. We specialize in call centers that spend money on inbound leads where conversion performance is critical to the organization’s financial wellbeing. Over and over again, I have seen inside sales teams built on the backs of superstar agents and managers who were top sales reps, all while spending money on marketing without optimizing it for the best Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). This old school way of “hoping” the sales reps will close enough deals is not an effective long-term strategy. And it is definitely not scalable. That’s why I have spent more than a decade within various sales organizations, assigned to sales and marketing leadership roles with the task of turning around sales teams. I found success by developing systems in all areas in order to achieve profitable marketing conversion results. Along the way, I learned what worked and didn’t work, what areas could generate the greatest ROI, and the right balance between structure and freedom for sales reps to do what they do best—sell. I also refined a consultative sales formula that leads to a high conversion percentage, raving fan clients, and a steady stream of referrals. My goal is to bring this experience with me into your organization. I want me and my team to be the resource you call in to help you optimize where available, develop what is needed, and build a playbook that can be used in a single office or multiple locations, in the United States or around the world.